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July 12, 2016

Green Office Cleaning Tips

Office cleaning involves a plethora of intensive products that do get the job done, but at the cost of leaving different environmental pollutants into the air, land, and water. Although a business owner does not see the problem up close, it’s undoubtedly occurring at a microscopic level. Green cleaning practices ensure environmental preservation while maintaining office cleanliness. Here are four tips for overseeing efficient and eco-friendly office cleaning.

Establish “Green” Standards

What makes office cleaning environment-friendly? Understanding what constitutes the process lets you establish a baseline or a starting point for planning and preparation. According to the government, green and environment-friendly products and commercial Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems services are those that impose a lesser or minimized impact on both human life and the environment as opposed to homogeneous products and services that serve a similar function.

Switch Out Ammonia-Based Cleaners

Office windows are cleaned on a regular basis to ensure a clean and tidy workplace from both the inside and outside. Traditionally, however, ammonia-based cleaners have been the preferred and commonplace option for many businesses. Unfortunately, ammonia is dangerous both to human health and the environment. When in fine particles, inhaled ammonia travel into the lung tissue, which ultimately causes a slate of respiratory conditions. As a viable alternative, mix and use four tablespoons of lemon juice with half a gallon of water.

Vet Your Commercial Cleaner

Knowing how your commercial cleaning services provider operates is important to determine if you should be switching to companies that are more eco-friendly and mindful of the carbon footprint they leave behind. Ask about the cleaning products and equipment they use as well as the techniques they employ to clean the office. From a business’ standpoint, hiring a third-party cleaner often makes good investment sense. If the office is cleaned regularly, then there is bound to be fewer ailments plaguing your employees, which translates to optimized productivity levels.

Filter Your Indoor Air Naturally

Perhaps the epitome to green cleaning practices is the use of plants to filter indoor air. Store-bought air fresheners have chemicals in it that, over time, can scatter particles into the air and can get absorbed by furniture. In addition, the fragrance doesn’t even smell fresh most of the time and might even serve as a distraction to your employees. Instead, boil up natural herbs, such as cinnamon, cloves, and other fragrant ingredients. Even orange or lemon peels can serve as a fragrant air filter for the office.

Office cleaning products and practices have, for years, caused gradual irreversible destruction of the environment. With it, humans and wildlife have suffered the consequences in the form of diminished health and dwindling habitats. Use the four tips above to encourage a greener and more sustainable cleaning practice for your company.

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