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June 16, 2014

How to find a Great Plumber in Toronto

Whether your water heater seems on the brink of going kaput, or you have a simple clog in a kitchen drain, finding a decent plumber who will do the job correctly the first time, brings well-being to any home owner. Finding a great plumber in Toronto means knowing what to look for, and where to look. www.expressrooterinc.ca got tips for ensuring you get what you paid for.

Accredited Schooling Background
In order to be a plumber in Toronto, you must meet a rigorous accreditation and apprenticeship program, so that you can work on anything from the city’s 18 water pumping stations, to its 10 reservoirs or complex household repairs and updates.

Those who’ve completed apprentice hours are issued a ‘Certificate of Apprenticeship from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.’ They can then qualify by taking the Ontario Certificate of Qualification trade exam. If they pass with a 70% or higher, they can become practicing plumbers.

According to ‘Trusted Pros Home Improvement’, “In Ontario plumbers must have a license to work in construction or installing fittings and fixtures where the distribution and use of water within a building is involved. This also includes the safe removal of used water from grey and black water in the home to storm drains. Kitchens and bathroom renovations will require licensed plumbers. In addition, licensed plumbers are also required for the wholesale selling of plumbers products but this is not a prerequisite.”

However, sole proprietors who market themselves as handymen, offering construction repairs which also include plumbing fixes, do not necessarily hold these same intensive credentials in plumbing. Rather, they have a “C of Q” or “Certificate of Qualification” in at least one trade, like construction but not necessarily plumbing. Even more importantly, they can offer ‘light’ plumbing work, but if they don’t have the necessary knowledge, they can put homeowners at risk of high repair costs if these jobs go awry.

A Good Toronto Plumber Has Good Insurance
Toronto plumbers who are qualified and credentialed have access to acceptable insurance coverage. This is crucial if there are follow-ups to repairs or major leaks. This coverage ensures your pocketbook doesn’t take a hit if a repair should be necessary. Look for and inquire whether the plumber has the following:

  • Adequate insurance
  • A current license
  • Certificate of Qualification in plumbing

Where to Look
Social media and word-of-mouth reviews through it, has become a staple in researching for a great trades person. Check on one of the following:

HomeStars-This list specifically reviews plumbers in the Toronto area, and gives a good indication of their work.

Yelp-Yelp’s become a staple as a reviewing resource. But also know that companies can pay for a business page, and it enables them to highlight top reviews.

Do your homework. Make sure the plumber you hire is qualified, insured and licensed before moving forward.

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