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July 2, 2014

With Pole Style Tent Rentals Toronto Wedding Ceremonies

Pole style tents have a classic and elegant appearance that can make your wedding day special. They are one of the most effective options for protecting guests and creating a distinctive looking setting for wedding in Toronto Tent Rentals. The tents rely on tension, a center pole and outer support poles to remain standing. You should know why pole style tents could be the right solution for your wedding no matter where it is being held.

Flexible Installation Options. One of the main advantages of pole style tents is that there is a large amount of flexibility during installation. As long as the center pole or poles can be mounted in the ground correctly, the placement of the smaller supporting poles can be changed. This means the tent can be erected in areas where the individual poles need to be spaced unevenly across the landscape. You can have nearly any size pole style tent placed anywhere regardless of uneven ground or other issues with the landscape. This gives you more flexibility when planning your wedding.

Large and Open Area Underneath. By choosing pole style tent rentals Toronto weddings will be able to include any number of guests. The space inside of a single pole tent can be wider than the structural limits of individual frame style tents. Pole style tents can create massive areas underneath that could hold hundreds of guests, a stage and caterers without any problems. The large space allows everyone at the wedding to be together during a ceremony or reception afterwards without have to spread across multiple tents. Several pole tents can even be combined in some cases to create a larger contiguous space.

High Wind Resistance. Every part of a pole style tent is designed to be strong and solid. The center support pole is often staked deep into the ground. Support poles are anchored where needed to provide added strength. Tension with the fabric helps to add to this durability. The result is that pole style tents have a high resistance to wind. If high winds occur during your wedding, your guests will not have to worry about the tent collapsing. A pole tent allows your wedding to go on even if the weather turns bad.

Distinctive Appearance. With pole style tent rentals Toronto weddings can have a distinctive and unforgettable appearance. The large space and high ceilings inside of the tent allow for elaborate decorations and lighting displays. The tent poles can be decorated. The curves and arches of the tent material can create a stunning organic or rustic look. They can also be used with high-end modern wedding decor. Even the outside of the tent with one or more peaks near the center looks elegant. Tent style poles can help you to create a wedding with an unforgettable look.

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