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August 1, 2014

Professional Hip Hop Dance Classes

Hip-hop is one of the most popular styles of contemporary music, with a widespread following in countries all over the world. Step into just about any general-audience urban night club, on any given night, and there will probably the be base-dominant thumping of hip-hop music pounding through the speakers. With its origins based in New York City, hip hop has vastly evolved since the 1970s and is featured in almost every music video over the last 20 years.

With such a broad following, professional hip hop dance classes Toronto have been popping up on every corner of every major city. The beat is slow and steady, making it easy for anyone with even the smallest sense of rhythm to dance to it. Hip hop doesn’t require years of structured lessons in fundamentals like ballet. A hip hop dancer doesn’t even need to be flexible or graceful as a tap or jazz dancer requires; as a result classes, can be started at any age. From as young as 3 years of age to senior citizens, people all over can learn to be a proficient hip hop dancer in just a few short lessons.

Beginners will start by learning a 1.2.3 step combination that requires them to step: left.right.left repeatedly to the beat of the music. Instructors will have the students practice the step across the floor until it feels effortless and natural. This exercise may be used during the beginning of every class to help students warm up. Hip hop dancers will learn elements of other styles of dance including, ballet, jazz, tap, modern and break dancing. Basic moves from these disciplines can be integrated into the beats of hip hop music to form more free-formed elements, and turn them into repetitive choreography.

Many professional hip hop dance companies have started participating in competitive dance forums. Typically, the studio will audition dancers from all of its hip hop classes and put together the most talented group of students for entrance in the competitions. Dance competitions are often costly and require a much higher level of dedication than the average hip hop classes.

What most students love about hip hop dancing is freestyle. Freestyle commences when an instructor calls to the students “break it down!” and everyone dismisses group choreography in favor of their own spontaneous, personal dance moves.

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