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July 10, 2016

Scavenger Hunt

It has been proven over the years that corporate scavenger hunts boost employees’ morale. Whether you are holding an activity for seasoned employees or conducting a meeting with individuals that rarely see each other, corporate team building activities can increase production.

How Team Building Activities Increase Production

Any company, small or large, can benefit from team building exercises. Employees who rarely work together are given an opportunity to get to know each other. Team building offers individuals a chance to come out of their shell and perhaps offer insight that can later benefit the company. When employees feel at ease, they are more likely to offer ideas.

Also, everyone knows that a happy employee is a more productive employee. Corporate team building activities help make employees feel noticed and appreciated.

Implementing a Scavenger Hunt

One activity that everyone can enjoy and participate in is a scavenger hunt. It is a fun activity that allows individuals to work together as a team.

First, a list should be made of things the teams should find. Depending on your location, you can use items or scenes in your building or around the city. Decide how the winner will be determined. It can be the first team to finish, or you can decide to award points based on the first to finish, most creative, etc.

Divide the participants into teams. In today’s society, almost everyone has a cell phone. Make sure each team has at least one phone or camera. Teams should have 3-4 members, and the number of teams depends on the number of participants. Give each team a copy of the list. Explain any rules you may decide to use and send them on their way.

Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Your list should vary between simple and harder to find items. We’ve included a number of ideas to help you get started.

  • 2 members standing beside a green car
  • a cartoon cow
  • a landmark
  • a building with more than 10 stories
  • 1 member posing next to a sale sign
  • a bus
  • a body of water
  • 2 fast food restaurants side by side

The possibilities are endless, and your employees are certain to remember the exercise for years to come. New friendships may be made, and employees may learn how to express themselves to others in the company.

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