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February 27, 2014

Toronto Hosts 34th Annual Evaluation Conference: Be a Part of It

The Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) has been hosting conferences on the discipline of evaluation since 1980. From the very first event, held in May 1980 in Toronto, the aim of the annual conference has been to bring together thought leaders and practitioners to share and discuss the latest trends and issues in monitoring and evaluation.  CES 2013 is no exception, as we set out in June this year to explore evaluation across boundaries in four specific areas.

evaluation conference
The 34th annual evaluation conference will take place in Toronto

Former Conferences

Looking back on the past 34 years, we can see how the strands have woven together to bring us to this point. From the very first conference theme Evaluation: The Canadian ChallengeÂ the CES has been focused on the development and improvement of the theory, practice and use of monitoring and evaluation, and ways in which we can strengthen our profession.

During the second half of the 1980s, the emphasis shifted towards practicalities. Integrating evaluation with management practices took the attention of our delegates one year, while accountability and limited resources gave the nod to the difficult economy we were experiencing after the 1987 economic downturn. During the 1990s we dealt with issues of diversity and the changing face of program evaluation, as we raced towards the new millennium and all the challenges it presented.

Since the arrival of the new century, we’ve focused on a more holistic approach, such as:

▪   culture, community and the sharing of heritage

▪   transparency and accountability

▪   the value of diversity, and

▪   environmental sustainability

These monitoring and evaluation conferences took place in various centres, but we’ve never missed a year!

2013 Venue

This year, we’ll be holding the annual conference at Toronto’s iconic Fairmont Royal York hotel in early June. It’s a fitting setting for CES Toronto 2013; the hotel’s history is testament to the longevity of a well-run organization. With a strong environmental program in place, the Royal York is taking on the challenges of the second decade of the new millennium with ease and grace.

Be a Part of It

No, it’s not New York, New York like the song says – but if you want to be a part of it all the same, now’s your chance. CES Toronto 2013 will focus on four distinct conference strands:


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